corporate and commercial

"Pragmatic, accessible and helpful"
Chambers and Partners


corporate and commercial

"Pragmatic, accessible and helpful"
Chambers and Partners


  • Establishment and Winding up of Companies
  • Listings on the CISE
  • Redomiciliation of Companies
  • Mergers, Sales & Acquisitions
  • The Reinstatement of Jersey Companies
  • Limited Partnerships
  • Aircraft and Shipping Financing
  • Bank Security and Financing
  • Directors’ Duties, Rights and Liabilities
  • Legal Opinions
  • Shareholder and Investor Action
  • Restructuring
  • Shareholders’ Agreements
  • Insolvency


Bank Security and Financing

Pinel Advocates provides advice on both proposed and existing arrangements to borrowers and lenders.  The banks that we have dealt with in recent months include Barclays, Lloyds TSB, the Co-operative Bank, Credit Suisse, Bank of Ireland, HSBC, Nationwide and the Royal Bank of Scotland.

Legal Opinions

The professionals at Pinel Advocates have provided legal opinions on Jersey Companies and other Jersey structures to a large number of major banks and lenders.  We issue legal opinions on a very regular basis and are pleased to be able to provide them to our clients for a fixed fee.


Pinel Advocates frequently advises its clients on the restructuring of a wide range of entities and structures. Pinel Advocates regularly deals with both local trading companies and Jersey holding structures and has assisted with the design and implementation of a wide range of arrangements that have offered its clients substantial advantages over their pre-existing arrangements.


Pinel Advocates works with individuals, business owners and liquidators and offers them timely, pragmatic advice with a view to securing the most appropriate and positive outcome for its clients.

Listings on the CISE

The firm’s partners have helped many clients to list their companies on the Channel Islands Stock Exchange.   In particular, we see debt listings on the CISE by SPVs (Eurobond listings) on a regular basis.

Mergers, Sales & Acquisitions

The team at Pinel Advocates have wide ranging experience of mergers, sales and acquisitions. We have provided advice to international businesses, with Jersey vehicles, involved in sales or mergers.  We can deal with all regulatory, tax and governmental matters alongside such sales.


We advise on all types of partnership structure, in both an investment funds and private client context.  We also can provide documentation for incorporated and separate limited partnerships in Jersey.

Shareholders’ Agreements

We advise shareholders on all aspects of shareholders’ agreements and can tie the provisions of these into the constitutional documents for the company and any regulatory consents or offering documents issued by the company.

Establishment and Winding up of Companies

Pinel Advocates is pleased to assist with the establishment of Jersey companies and routinely works with business owners and proposed directors to produce memoranda and articles of association that best meet the specific needs of the business in question. We are able to guide our clients through the incorporation process and have an excellent working relationship with the Companies Registry at the Jersey Financial Services Commission.

The firm frequently assists with both the solvent and insolvent winding up of Jersey companies. Whilst the former is a simple process the latter can prove complicated. Pinel Advocates represents both shareholders and directors and is able to provide them with advice on their rights, responsibilities and the procedures that are involved with the process.

Redomiciliation of Companies

Whilst relatively straightforward, the process of migrating companies both into and out of the island is quite procedurally complicated and needs to be carried out with due care and attention if it is to be undertaken in a time and cost effective way.

We work closely with the lawyers in the incoming or outgoing jurisdiction involved with the process in order to help ensure that the relevant company benefits from a smooth transition to its new location and have experience of the movement of companies between Jersey and numerous offshore finance centres.

Reinstatement of Jersey Companies

Pinel Advocates deals with the reinstatement of Jersey Companies on a regular basis and has worked hard to stream-line the process involved. As a result we are able to arrange for the reinstatement of companies at a very competitive cost and with minimum delay to our client.