The Jersey Funds Association has updated its briefing note on the types of Jersey fund structures.  

The helpful guidance note is available below and provides a succinct overview for those new to Jersey's fund offering.

Pinel Advocates has highly-experienced professionals, able to provide a high quality, competitive service in the following areas of investment funds business:-

  • Establishment of all types of Jersey investment funds: Expert, Listed, Very Private
  • The various vehicles used such as companies, unit trusts, limited partnerships of cell companies
  • Application to and authorisation by the Jersey regulator, the Jersey Financial Services Commission ("JFSC")
  • Private investment structures
  • Reorganisation and restructuring of fund structures
  • Appointment and removal of fund service providers and advisors
  • Disputes between investors and the fund and/or fund service providers
  • Migration of funds
  • All regulatory issues, including investigations by the JFSC
  • CISE and AIM listings