Pinel Advocates has a uniquely-experienced Wills and Probate team and is able to assist with the following matters, in almost all cases on a fixed fee basis:-

  • Grants of Probate in Jersey;

  • Applications for Letters of Administration in Jersey; and

  • Will drafting for non-Jersey residents.

A Unique Team

In 2015, Pinel Advocates was fortunate to recruit the former Jersey Probate Registrar, Michele Laurent, to its team.

Michele Laurent, Probate Associate

Michele Laurent, Probate Associate

Michele was the Probate Registrar in Jersey for over 10 years, with over 24 years’ experience in probate matters.  Michele has dealt with all types of probate matters, relating to many jurisdictions and advising on almost every possible eventuality. 

As such, Pinel Advocates is uniquely fortunate to have the benefit of Michele’s experience to add to its team.

Grants of Probate in Jersey

Pinel Advocates can assist with applications for Grants of Probate in Jersey on a fixed fee basis. 

Unless the value of an estate is worth less than £10,000 at the date of death, a Jersey Grant of Probate is required to enable the personal representatives to administer the Jersey estate.

A fast track application may be made in for estates of deceased persons dying domiciled in England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland, the Channel Islands and the Isle of Man.  A fast track can only be made through a Jersey agent, such as Pinel Advocates.

For other jurisdictions, a standard application must be made to the Court.

Stamp duty payable

While there are no death duties, estate duty, inheritance tax or capital gains tax, stamp duty is payable in Jersey.

Thereafter, stamp duty would be charged at £75 for each £10,000 (or part thereof), to a maximum stamp duty payable of £100,000.

The Probate Registry will charge a fee of £80 per application.  For certain complex matters, an additional fee of £75.00 may be charged.