The JFSC has issued guidance on how to avoid the recent Cyber-attacks. 


Companies can undertake the following simple steps to help protect their organisation:

› Keep your organisation's security software patches up-to-date

› Use proper antivirus software services

› Most importantly for ransomware, back up the data that matters to you and test the backups. You should then be able to recover your data without paying a ransom

› Do not download files or programs from unknown websites or sources. Even if you know the source, get authorisation from your IT department before downloading software to the company network

› Think before you click – exert extreme caution regarding emails, links or untrustworthy websites that may allow dangerous viruses or malware onto the network

› Given the nature of ransomware, we suggest that you report but do not forward any suspicious emails

› Avoid attachments, as viruses can be embedded in files. Take extra care when opening these files and only open them if you know they are genuine

› Report anything suspicious whether it is an email, link or website

› Phishing emails are designed to look like authentic messages to lure you into clicking them.

Trust your instincts. If an email seems suspicious or isn’t quite right, even if it’s from someone you know, do not open it and report it

› Accidents happen - if you do open an email or click a link you think is suspicious, inform your security team or IT immediately

› Be alert. Think before you click


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