Andrew Pinel, Partner

Andrew Pinel, Partner

The start of something better.

As we approach Friday's GDPR crescendo, I imagine that many are ignoring the deluge of email requests to their work and private email accounts, asking that we "keep in touch", "don't lose contact" and "don't miss out". 

The result is likely to be a fall in the use of email newsletters by a means of communication, or at least a reduction in those who read them.  Pinel Advocates chose to reduce its use of email marketing several years ago, finding other methods of communication, including social media, to be more productive.  As someone whose email inbox is a pretty daunting place on any given day, the news releases and updates often don't get the attention the senders would hope.

We pride ourselves on providing an old-fashioned, personal service, based upon relationships, albeit delivered through the use of new technology and innovation.  Face-to-face meetings are paramount and very much our preference.

As such, please do keep in touch with us; arrange a coffee or a call now.  We would like to meet you.