Jersey probate law includes a 'fast-track' probate procedure in instances where (a) the relevant person died domiciled in England and Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland, the Isle of Man or Guernsey and (b) a grant of probate or letters of administration has already been obtained from one of those locations.

Pinel Advocates can provide the application for a fixed fee.

Documents Required

A court sealed and certified copy of the existing grant or letters of administration.

A court sealed and certified copy of the will and any codicils (where a will was left).

An original or certified copy of the death certificate.

Evidence of the value of the Jersey estate at the date of death.

The application must be made through a Jersey advocate, a Jersey solicitor, the executor or administrator.

Fees Payable

Stamp duty is payable at the rate of 0.5% on Jersey movable estates with a value up to £100,000. A rate of £75 per additional £10,000 is charged thereafter. Stamp duty is capped at £100,000. There is also an £80 application fee.