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2019 could be a challenging year, with the only certainty being uncertainty. However, Jersey is well-placed to provide some comfort, as a jurisdiction more in control of its own destiny. Our relationship with the EU is well-developed and whilst links to the UK are paramount for us, with any results of Brexit having a knock-on effect for us, Jersey’s independence can provide clients and advisors with a little clarity over the year to come.

Pinel Advocates will continue to develop and 2019 will be an exciting year for us. The business has built year-on-year since establishment 9 years ago. We have expanded our team, but our focus has remained on the delivery of a high-quality service on a more competitive basis. By being independent, by not having expensive offices, by not having to report to foreign branches and by cutting hierarchy, we are able to work quicker, nimbler and smarter.

We look forward to building on our existing relationships and developing new ones. Our team will be out and about more than ever, meeting clients and contacts face to face. We really hope that we have the opportunity to work with you this year.

Advocate Andrew Pinel, Partner

Advocate Andrew Pinel, Partner

You worked hard to win that work, why give it to a competitor?

Trust and fund administrators commit significant time and resources to meeting prospective clients and intermediaries.  As lawyers, on larger mandates, we often see clients seeking numerous proposals and sometimes playing one off against each other to get the best deal.

So when the work is won, why pass it to a competitor?


That's a promise.  We are Jersey lawyers, expert in providing corporate and commercial, investment funds and private client legal advice.  We are not trust or fund administrators.  We have no desire to compete with our clients.

A law firm having an in-house trust or fund administration business provides an inherent conflicts of interests for the business owners.  There will always be a desire to keep matters in-house or if there is any flicker in the client-administrator relationship, the law firm will find it difficult to be supportive.

Personally, I have worked in law firms with affiliated trust companies.  Some were open about the ownership, others were coy and instructed their lawyers to be the same.  That's a very difficult position to be in.  

By remaining independent, Pinel Advocates will ensure that it can freely work with any trust company or fund administrator, free of any ties or conflicts.  We can simply propose to the client the best people for the job and we won't ever be looking to take work away from those who refer to us.