The decision in the UK referendum for the UK to leave the EU has led to great uncertainty and, already, volatility and instability in the markets. 

This position is likely to continue for some time, with a new UK prime Minister, the post-vote negotiations to commence and the trigger and implications of the UK's exit to be considered.  Investors will view all markets with caution and even the most experienced analysts find the future hard to forecast.

Jersey has long played an important role as a safe and stable provider of financial services, both to the UK and to the EU.  Its unique constituional position, in being reliant upon the UK for international treaties and negotiations, but also having its own government and legislation, mean that it is well-placed to provide support in the relations between the UK and the EU.  Jersey can shape its own laws, its own future, to work alongside both the UK and the EU. 

Jersey's financial services are highly regarded and independently praised, most recently by MoneyVal and before that, by the IMF.  Jersey can build on this and look to a positive future, despite the uncertainty, providing a safe, stable and flexible location for doing business.

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