Contact Andrew Pinel

Contact Andrew Pinel

At Pinel Advocates, we believe in offering a high-quality, proactive and efficient service for a fair fee.  Legal opinion work can be relatively simple or it can be difficult, depending upon the matter.  However, we always work on fixed fees, agreed in advance.  

Our fees are competitive, below those of larger law firms.  We can do this as our overheads are lower; we don't have expensive offices or under-performing departments to support.

We don't see why clients should be charged double the fees for an exchange and completion legal opinion.  In most cases, we review a smaller group of additional documents, run our searches and issue the opinion.  As such, in most cases our fees for a completion opinion are less than 50% our standard legal opinion fee.

For more information or a quote, please click below or liaise with your usual contact at Pinel Advocates.